How We Invest

We follow a fundamentalist and long-term investment approach.

  • Fundamentalist, as we strive to make investment decisions based on a deep knowledge of the underlying companies. We look for situations where the share prices do not properly reflect the prospects for operational value generation of the respective businesses.
  • Long-term approach, as our investment decisions are made with the objective of benefiting from long-term cycles of value creation in the underlying businesses.

We view each investment as a unique mosaic, where every attribute of the business is like a small piece of a whole. In essence, our job is to arrange these pieces in order to make good investment decisions. We seek situations where, when organizing the pieces of the mosaic, we perceive highly attractive risk-adjusted return propositions. We have a high preference for investments with the following characteristics: (I) a high-quality business; (II) exceptional and aligned people, and; (III) broad prospects for operational value generation that do not seem to be properly reflected in the share prices.

Given this philosophy, the M Square Brazil Value Long Only Fund II LLC can be seen as a non-operational holding, with stakes in some of the top companies in Brazil, managed by the best leaders in their respective segments, with excellent value generation perspectives. Moreover, we have the flexibility to adjust the portfolio – either because of a relevant change in the fundamentals and/or strong price fluctuations.