Who We Are

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We began our activities within M Square Investimentos in 2007, with the launching of the M Square Ações FIA Fund. In addition to investing in Brazilian public equities, M Square Investimentos also had a division focused on international investments, with a separate and dedicated investment team since the beginning of our activities.

After more than eight years operating under this structure, the partners of M Square Investimentos decided to split into two independent companies, as they understood that a simpler structure would bring important benefits to their key stakeholders – their investors and their teams. Therefore, through a corporate reorganization carried out in 2016, the activity of investing in Brazilian public equities, formerly done by M Square Investimentos, was undertaken by M Square Brasil.

M SQUARE BRASIL currently has a team of 29 professionals, with approximately R$5.1 billion of assets under management (as of 03/29/2018).

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At M Square Brasil, our objective is to build a company that is recognized by its key stakeholders – our team, investors, portfolio companies, peers, regulators and service providers – for its excellence.

Thus, we strive to conduct our work based on a very well defined business philosophy that is consistently communicated and implemented on a daily basis. The three pillars of this philosophy are:

After investing in many of companies throughout the years, we have built a strong conviction that the most important drivers for a company’s success are: (i) the people running it, and; (ii) how they interact and make decisions – a concept we define as the company’s culture. In our activity as investors, these factors play an even more important role.

Thus, our first decision was to structure M Square Investimentos in 2007 as a meritocratic and dynamic partnership, 100% owned by its executive partners.

  • Partnership because the company was managed by its partners and because all team members, without exception, are eligible to become partners of the firm at some point.
  • Meritocratic because each partner’s stake is based solely on merit and contribution to the value created, achieved in full alignment with our core values and principles.
  • Dynamic because the composition of the partnership can vary over time, taking into account the meritocracy described above.

The reputation of a company is built on the professional expertise and ethical principles of its team members. Our daily actions are performed with the goal of building a company that:

  • Is truly ethical in all its relations – our decisions are based on transparency, commitment to the truth, relentless search for alignment of interests with our stakeholders, and unconditional and unequivocal compliance with the rules established by our regulators and by the countries in which we operate.
  • Carries out all its activities with excellence – whether they relate to Investing, Investor Relations, Operations or Administrative tasks, based on preparation and hard work.

We believe that obtaining above average and consistent long-term results is a prerequisite to achieve our goals. Delivering positive results is the oxygen of any organization, and this is no different in our activity – essentially, this is what allows for the sustainability of our business over time.

We seek returns over 3-5 year cycles with the following characteristics:

  1. Net return to investors of at least inflation + 10% per year (in local currency);
  2. In the first quartile of comparable peer funds;
  3. Above market indices;
  4. Incurring less risks than the market and comparable funds.